Our main character is called Ami. We find Ami in the middle of a forest, somewhere between tall pines. he wind has a faint touch on her skin, and she likes that. She went camping with a bunch of friends.

Ami likes her friends, yet sometimes she feels a strong desire for quiet and lone time. She never feels lonely when she’s by herself. She likes it that way, and she especially likes exploring. It must be 4 in the morning, because the Sun didn’t show up yet. All her friends were sleeping so she went for a walk. There was something she spotted on their way to the camp, the other day. Something she had to see up close.

As she walks, she looks up. It seems the rain is about to start. Ami has two options, and only those alone. She could run for the camp, hoping she’ll make it in time, or she could look for that hollow tree she saw the day before. Now, the thing is, Ami is quite afraid of the rain. It’s important that she remains dry.

What will Ami choose to do? Will she risk for the camp?She might not be fast enough

Will she look for the tree? She might not find it.


She walks around at a fast pace. Step after step. The rain is getting close. Her heart is beating fast. She’s not scared yet, she knows she’ll find the tree.

But she walks and walks, and there’s no tree to be found. Not the hollow one, at least. There’s only young, tall, pines surrounding her.

She stops.


It was at that moment that Ami realized she’s lost. A water drop hits her nose and drips down to her chin. She’s frozen now. She can’t move. No matter how hard she tries, her legs won’t budge.

Another drop. Silence

It’s as if the forest stood still; as if the trees and wind are just as  scared.

The sky lights up. The thunder strikes. It’s close.

“Psst! Come! Quick!”, she hears. Her left leg twiches just a tad.

Where could that come from?

There’s no one in the woods here. She looks to her left. There’s nothing there.

Another thunder strikes. Ami didn’t even notice the lightning this time. She was too focused on that voice she heard. Her entire body is covered in goosebumps.

“Ami, come to me. There’s shelter” says the mysterious voice.

She’s scared; just a bit. Yet she can move now. She walks towards the voice.

Ami spots the hollow tree. It’s where the voice is coming from.

“Quick. The rain is starting!”

She can’t see who or what is inside there. It’s just too dark.

Will she go inside? Or will she run away and face the rain?

One choice might end Ami’s journey right now and here.

Ami goes inside. Everything goes dark. She can’t see a thing.

She’s afraid, but brave.

‘I was waiting for you, Ami. It’s time now,” says the voice.Whoever or whatever is in here, it has a calm soothing voice. That’s still not reasuring for Ami.

‘Who are you, and why is it so dark in here? Asked Ami

The thunder struck. Then there was light. A shining bright light filled everything up around them. Even the dark hollow tree.



Dear stranger


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Dear stranger,


I see you from behind the lens of my camera. I see you there, on the other side of the couch. I see you laughing, joking, smiling; I see that you wish to cry.

You’ve been at this for a while and I can tell by the way you act. The others are perhaps too busy or too foolish to notice, and you can’t really blame them. You’re good.

The red headed chick standing next to you, your friend, she hasn’t the slightest clue. She keeps on saying how you are the cheeriest person she’s ever met. She insists on adding up to this persona you’ve created. The girl next to you genuinely believes you found it; the key to a happy life.  Continue reading

Sebastian – “She’s all the same”


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It’s been years since I last saw her. I thought something would be different about her. I hoped something would feel different about her. She’s all the same; so is my heart.

They went inside that last room and Yuki waited outside by the door. A ferocious white beast was now guarding the entrance. It’s shape had changed and fangs had grown. That was not Yuki, standing by the entrance. This house Veronica lived in, it had a curious effect on things, on beasts, on people.  Continue reading

Sebastian – “I feel like running”


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I feel like running. I feel like crying. I think it’s catching up with me; the fog.

Some call it darkness, sadness, or even loneliness. I call it ‘the fog’. It’s a mix of cold air and sorrow that hits my lungs, and I just stop breathing for a moment.

Beatrice got back to the car and sat down behind the wheel. She realized Sebastian left the keys there. She could just drive off, but where to? Where do you go when you just feel like going?

I’m sure Sebastian would understand if I did this. And he’s got that woman, Veronica, to take care of him now. He doesn’t need me. The only question is, do I need him?

Continue reading

[The Passenger] Chapter one – Amanda Burns


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My name is Amanda Burns. I am a real estate agent. I live my days convincing people to buy what I want them to buy. There isn’t much room for morals in this field of work; not if you want to make real money. At least that’s what I like to believe. It is what I tell myself at the end of the day, just so I can sleep. I have no spouse, no children, no family; thank god, no cat either.
All the money I make, I make it for myself. It might come difficult for someone to understand, why it is that I need all this money. I’m practically married to the job, and the only personal time that I take for myself, I spend it making more acquaintances, to further assist me with my job.

Jenny is the only person in my life. She is the closest thing I have to a friend. The only reason me and her work so well, is the fact she’s the same; same line of work, same character. One might think this friendship is just competition, really. Fact is, Jenny works on the other side of New York. There is no competition between us; just friendship. A friendship that keeps me alive.

I am Amanda Burns. I am 26 years old. I’m blonde, tall, and got the body of a teenager. I have green eyes and I am about to die. Continue reading

[The Passenger – teaser] Chapter one – Amanda Burns


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My name is Amanda Burns. I am a real estate agent. I live my days convincing people to buy what I want them to buy. There isn’t much room for morals in this field of work; not if you want to make real money. At least that’s what I like to believe. It is what I tell myself at the end of the day, just so I can sleep. I have no spouse, no children, no family; thank god, no cat either. Continue reading

Sebastian – “She’s just standing there”


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I feel the leaves beneath the soles of my feet. I feel them as I walk towards her. I feel them, despite having my boots still on. She’s just standing there, with her arms hanging down and her face lighting up. She’s just standing there patient; waiting for me to get closer and closer. She’s just standing there.

Yuki was completely enjoying herself; running in circles and barking towards them. Innocence at it’s finest, isn’t it?

Beatrice just followed Sebastian, not knowing who the person ahead of them was. Not knowing where they were. Not knowing why that place seemed so important for Sebastian.

The woman waiting outside, she was young. The woman standing at the end of the trail, she was pretty.  Continue reading

Sebastian – Home


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If you missed it, here’s the previous post on Sebastian

The way this cold air hits my nostrils is refreshing. I wonder if Yuki feels the same about it. Dogs have heightened senses. Perhaps it bothers her instead.

Beatrice hasn’t said anything to me for a long time now. She must hate me.

We’re almost there. I hope her house is still there too.

At last, they were close. Sebastian needed someone to patch him up, and patch him up soon. They were driving towards a small village, just a few miles off the highway. A peaceful place. A quiet place. A place Sebastian knew so well.  Continue reading

Sebastian – “Thank you for saving me”


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If you missed it, here’s the previous part of the story.

The first few miles of the road were spent in silence. It is uncertain whether they were avoiding the discussion. I am not sure if Sebastian was in denial. Perhaps Beatrice was trying to figure out what happened back there, why those men were trying to kill him, why he shot that guy.

“Listen, I need someone to fix me up. I know a guy not too far from here. We’ll stop there for a day or two” said Sebastian, visibly exhausted.

There was no reply from Beatrice.

“If there is somewhere you need to be, or some place you want me to drop you off, let me know.” 

Beatrice got angry, and yelled at him: “What? You’re trying to get rid of me now? After I just saved you, you want to drop me off somewhere?”

It was clear to Sebastian where that anger came from. He completely understood B’s reaction.

“Calm down” said Sebastian sighing, then continued on a soft tone “Thank you for saving me.” 

Continue reading

Sebastian – An empty bar [part 2]


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Yuki began to growl as soon as the door opened. Hesitant but fierce, she started getting closer to Oleg. He was pointing the gun at Yuki, ready to pull the trigger, but Yuki just wouldn’t back down. She would keep getting closer. The closer she got, the more Oleg shaked. And the more he shook, the fiercer she got.

“Yuki, no!” yelled Sebastian. The dog obeyed him, but did not take her eyes off Oleg.

“Are these two bitches yours, Sebastian?” 

Sebastian tried to get up, but immediately collapsed back to the ground. His ribs and punctured lungs just wouldn’t let him rise, no matter how hard he tried. It would’ve been sad if it wasn’t tragic. The past, the present and the future. All in one room. All about to end abruptly.  Continue reading